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August 19, 2021

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I’ve heard that Vispring mattresses are very expensive.  Why would I want to spend more to sleep on a Vispring mattress?  What’s so special about Vispring?  I mean, aren’t all mattresses pretty much the same?   ~Sleepy in Sudbury


Dear Sleepy, 

We love that question! 

Vispring mattresses are totally unique and can’t be compared to any other mattresses. 

They are made with the highest levels of craftsmanship and the finest natural and sustainable materials like cotton, wool, horsetail, and silk.  There are no foams, gels, or chemicals.

Each mattress is individually made to order in our factory in Plymouth, England and comes with a 30-year warranty. 

The combination of natural fibers with our advanced spring engineering ensures a lifetime of comfort and durability, not to mention the best night’s sleep every night!

We all know how important sleep is to overall health.  If you want the best sleep, you can’t afford not to buy a Vispring bed.

And rest assured, there’s a wide range of prices to choose from!



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